Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)
Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)

Ultimate Bundle (all 5 scents)

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The Ultimate Bundle includes all 5 scents - UNBOTHERED, WORTHY, HOPEFUL, GRATEFUL and SELF-MADE.



Unbothered is the original signature candle from Unbothered Candles.

It features a one-of-a-kind fragrance of blended nature and wellness themes fused with herbal elements and retro directions of fruits, citrus and powdery notes.

How it makes you feel: relaxed, zen, at peace, meditative.

Meditation: Be exactly who you are. Sensitive. Awkward. Moody. Motivated. Sarcastic. But, no matter what... UNBOTHERED.

Fragrance: Aquatic florals with sweet mandarin, wild orange, herbaceous basil, fresh mint leaf, exotic woods and soft musk.


Worthy features uplifting and clean aquatic scents paired with floriental hooks.

How it makes you feel: calm, confident, centered.

Meditation: You bring a lot to the table and it’s ok to act like it. You deserve to feel the same love you give, the same respect you give, the same attention you give and the same support you give.

Fragrance: fragrant jasmine and rich vanilla with pure tonka, wild berries, sweet lemon blossom, dewy moss and ethereal moss.


Hopeful features bold fougère scents with a focus on ocean minerals and cool, minty effects.

How it makes you feel: comfortable, eager, cheerful.

Meditation:  Some of your life’s best days haven’t happened yet. You have not seen it all and you have not felt it all. There are more people (and dogs) for you to meet, places to see and “firsts” to experience.

Fragrance: sensual cashmere, smooth sandalwood, earthy patchouli, fresh lavender, dew-kissed green florals.


Grateful features a one-of-a-kind fragrance blend of gourmand and spice proving a sensation of nostalgia and indulgence.

How it makes you feel: thankful, soothed, reassured.

Meditation: The peace you have now is worth everything you’ve ever “lost.” Your past mistakes give you present wisdom.

Fragrance: green sage, sparkling mandarin over lemon-splashed coriander, soft pear fused aquatic mint, cedarwood, white amber.


Self Made features a unique and upbeat fragrance of oriental flavors, wood, creamy and lactonic musk.

How it makes you feel: motivated, energized, excited and upbeat.

Meditation: You’re just gonna keep getting hotter, smarter and more committed to your inner peace than ever before. Taught by your past, not shaped by it. Connected to what’s happened, not attached to it. Empowered, not defined. You are SELF MADE.

Fragrance: bergamot zest, white verbena blooms, fresh citrus greens, pure neroli, ambered musk and soft woods.

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