Has a smell ever immediately brought you back to a memory?

Scent is tied to our emotional state in much more powerful ways than we realize and it was this understanding that led to Unbothered Candles.

Each Unbothered candle features a one-of-a-kind fragrance that prompts memory and emotion leaving you feeling unbothered, grateful, hopeful, self made or worthy.

BUT there are thousands of candles out there and they all smell great...

So what's the difference?

Unbothered Candles tap into the combined power of SCENT and SOUND.


Each candle is designed with unique ingredient combinations tested for over a year to prompt specific emotions. The candles don't just smell great - they function to make you FEEL the way you deserve to feel.


Each candle fragrance pairs with a short guided meditation to bring your chosen emotion to life. The meditations are more upbeat than the average meditation - they are designed to be "guided mindfulness" and will leave you feeling energized but at peace.

When you combine the power of scent with the immediacy of sound, you have a candle that not only provides peaceful aromas but makes you feel at peace.