Unbothered Candles are designed with emotional transformation in mind. If used to their full SCENT x SOUND potential, you will FEEL the emotion of the candle.

Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your Unbothered Candle experience...

Scan the QR code found on the bottom of your candle before you light it (otherwise it could get messy and we don't want you lifting a lit candle!)

Light your candle and allow the scent to fill the room for 5-8 minutes before beginning the meditation. This allows for the different notes to effectively spread.

Assume a comfortable position to begin your meditation - a natural seated positioned with both feet planted on the ground is best. A dimly lit room will help reduce distractions.

Set an intention when lighting your candle. For instance when lighting Unbothered... set an intention of "For the next hour I am unbothered." It's important to direct your energy towards your chosen emotion. The guided meditation will take care of the rest :)

Don't feel pressured to use the meditation each time you use your candle. Use it a couple of times and make full effort to remember the feeling you create for yourself. With practice you'll associate the candle's scent with that feeling.